About us

Our Purpose

CaraCaru products are designed to be fun, functional, and responsive to fashion and design trends.  Our vision is to create fashion-forward product lines that allow athletes to celebrate their sport, reflect the pride they carry as hard-working athletes, and embody the camaraderie that binds those who train in the same sport.


Our Products

Our first products were created for figure skaters to showcase their love for their sport off the ice.  With this same goal in mind, we are expanding to design product lines specifically for hockey and lacrosse players, gymnasts, and dancers to proclaim their passion for their sport.


Our Principles

CaraCaru is founded on integrity and committed to our passion for developing quality products with innovative and unique designs that will delight our customers.  Our customers inspire the design process of each of our products.  We admire your dedication to your sport and we salute that commitment through our product lines.